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Tuesday January 8th, 2019
Posted by Helena Velasquez

Tech Tips
- Remote Support
- IPhone printing to Copiers
- Export Gmail Messages to PDF
- Export Outlook Messages to PDF file
- Gmail Labels and Filters
- How to Air Play Mirror your Mac screen to your Apple TV
- How to set up Messages on the Mac
- Mobile Texts to a File - iPhone to Mac
- Mobile Texts to a File MAC & PC

Hello all, welcome to the new RE/MAX Estate Properties tech support page. Please bookmark this website so you can access it easily. Or you can write down the website ( On every page in this site, you will see the Teamviewer buttons on the right. These are the remote access softwares we use to connect to your computers when you need more personalized help. Here is a brief overview/description of the website and its contents:

Page Description
Home Displays latest announcements as well as current issues at the top.
- Green bar means there are currently no known issues.
- Red bar means there is currently an known issue and further instructions or information will be provided inside the red bar.

Remote Support Remote support information, mainly for the remote programs we use to connect to your computers remotely.

Report an Issue Report any issues at any of our offices by filling out the form on this page. Please be as detailed as possible with the information you provide so we can better help you.

Contact Us Contact information for all tech support staff. You can also find the general tech support number and email address here.

Common Fixes Common fixes to common issues can be found here.

Links All the helpful links you may need from essential programs to virus scanning softwares.

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